Past Experience : Before-My-Liberation

Before My-Liberation


My name is Mona Alahverdi & I was born in 1980.I got Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) Diagnose back in April 2004. Since then, I Tried to find a way out of this problem but the result was nothing. My neurologists gave me a idea to get injections. which didn't help me,not even a bit.
Recently in December 2009, I got to know about CCSVI
( Liberation Procedure ) , That gave me a positive hope about this issue because that very idea made a sense. I knew that, it is a right way.That was some thing which i was searching for over the years.By the end of the day I found a way to get liberated.I read about CCSVI whole procedure whole day long. I was totally up for It. So I started contacting the doctors around the world for this procedure. The end result was that Dr. Jacek Kostecki ( Poland ) gave me the final dates for my treatment during the last week of February. He finalize my treatment dates and told me that I should be in Poland on 23rd of March 2010.It was like Woowww for me :).

My Symptoms were :

1. No Strength in my left side of entire body.
2. No strength in my back as well as legs.
3. Bad Blader.
4. Cold Feet.
5. Bad Balance.
6. No energy.
7. Hand Shaking.

And now in my Daily Journal,you can read all about How i am after my liberation :)
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